What are Creative Arts?

When talking about art, creativity comes into play. The term ‘creativity’ means bringing something new and unique out of nothing. As far as the type of art itself goes, there are three main types: visual arts, performing arts (including dance, acting, singing and instrumental performance), and literary arts (such as poetry, fiction, and drama). Each kind of creation requires its skills, tools, principles, styles, techniques, mediums, and processes.

What does it mean to be an artist?

An artist can be a painter, sculptor, writer or filmmaker. He or she may have a degree in fine arts, but this isn’t necessary for professional success. However, if you want to make a living from your artistic endeavours, you need more than talent – you’ll also need business sense and marketing savvy. Most artists start by painting on canvas, then move on to other media. But all artists use some sort of tool or instrument. For example, a musician uses his or her voice; a dancer uses her body; a painter uses a brush or palette knife or ink pad. Whatever the medium, each one has certain basic principles that must be practised before they become truly mastered.

How do I get started?

If you’re thinking about becoming an artist, think carefully about what you like doing. Is it drawing, writing, photography, music, crafts, fashion design, sculpture, etc.? There’s no point in entering any contest unless you know how to draw well or sing well. You should begin with a small project so that you can see where you stand. If you don’t know where to start, try taking a class at school or community college. Or check online for resources. The Internet holds many useful sites, such as www.artsy.net.

How much time will it take?

It depends on your interest level, skill set and personality. Most people consider themselves artists when they’ve been involved in their chosen form for 10 years or longer. They usually work part-time or full-time, depending on whether they want to maintain a career or earn extra income.

Where do I find inspiration?

 Art is one of those things that is never finished; you can always improve your skills and express yourself more fully. Therefore, you might not find inspiration right away. Instead, you might feel uninspired after completing a piece. This happens because we often feel inadequate and dissatisfied until we create something of our own. So, take the plunge! A good way to start is to look around you. Find objects or pictures that inspire you. Then, study them closely. See how they were created. Learn about composition, colour, light, perspective, line, texture, and detail. Remember, every artist needs practice before he or she becomes masterful.

Where do I sell my creations?

Artists who wish to make a living from their work need to market their wares. Some artists exhibit only locally, while others offer prints of their work through galleries and museums. Still, others sign up with an agency that represents thousands of artists worldwide. The best thing about these agencies is that they represent different genres so that you aren’t limited to selling just paintings or drawings.


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