Different types of Arts

Creative Arts encompasses a wide variety of art forms such as dance, theatre, music, visual arts etc. What are some common themes or styles that you see across these various media?


Painting has been around for centuries. It is one of the oldest forms of artwork. When creating paintings many things can be done with it; however, the most common thing is making people look at something they would not usually look at. For example, when someone was having trouble concentrating on their schoolwork, they may draw what they have learned instead. Another option is using paintings to express emotions. In this case, a person might paint how happy they were after winning a race.


This is another form of creative art. Like all other forms of art, theatre uses tools like colour, sound and design to create aesthetic experiences. A popular medium within the theatre is acting where actors give performances about what people do in their lives. Many great actors including Olivier, Pacino, De Niro, Streep and others have had success in this industry!

Visual Arts

This type of art is generally much more abstract than others. Rather than representing real-life objects, the focus lies on designing imaginary or symbolic ones. Artists often use colours, shapes, lines, patterns etc to convey meanings. One very well-known artist is Picasso who used geometric shapes to portray his views on modern life.


This could be modern ballet, contemporary dance, traditional folk dancing and so on. There are a lot of rules involved in dance. Different cultures use dance as part of their heritage. They perform them during festivals, religious events and also celebrations.


Whether you’re learning guitar for fun or professionally, music has always been an interesting subject to me. The use of instruments and other musical elements to create an artistic work that is aesthetically pleasing. Examples include jazz, rock, classical, world music etc.


The written word is important because it contains the thoughts of individuals. Reading poetry requires listening attentively to each line and rhythm. It is a way to instil empathy towards certain subjects.


This is probably the most widely recognized form of creative arts. Movies use special effects, editing, animations, photography, direction, and makeup to bring characters to life. Actors perform dialogue and sing songs but everything else is created by a team.


This form of art involves the creation of texts that communicate ideas and/or feelings through language. Common ways of writing include poems, novels, plays etc. Some examples of famous writers include Cervantes, Shakespeare, Dickens and Twain.


This is simply storytelling. Creative artists use techniques like dialogue, descriptions, imagery, metaphors, similes and characterisation to describe characters in fictional worlds.


This is my favourite one because it encompasses almost every other art form. The best example I can think of is impressionism’s use of painting and music together to show how colour mixes with sound (like you see when you hear rain).


The process of taking pictures isn’t easy. Many things could go wrong during the actual photo session itself. Post-processing also allows photographers to add effects like filters and layers to give the images more depth. 


There are countless ways to be creative;  the above are just some kinds of creativity that are interesting. There are many more forms of creativity beyond these categories. A creative person can bet on all casino games and play extraordinary. Join online casino games today and enjoy playing.